SEN Fall Meeting

Agenda for October, 2016

12:00-12:30 p.m.-Lunch

12:40-1:20-Presentation by Knoxville School District on STEM Collaborative Project

  • collaboration between 3rd grade students Knoxville Mable Woosley with 12th grade students Knoxville High School
  • H.S. Principal-Chad Bahnks
  • Elementary Principal-Tara Bahnks

1:20-1:30-Presentation by Becky Ince on the use of Voxer

1:30-2:00-Presentation by Doug Fisher-West Prairie School District on

  • created actual draft for teachers and administrators to experience

2:00-2:30-Presentation by Chris Johnson-ROWVA School District on MinecraftEDU

2:30-3:15-Presentation by Traci Johnson-ROWVA School District and Vanessa Witherell-United School District on BreakoutEDU



minecraft education edition


Contact information-Presenters

Traci Johnson-ROWVA School District

Vanessa Witherell-United School District